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Apache Configuration Question

.htaccess to allow only pdf files in a subdirectory

I am trying to write an

file to only allow access to pdf files in a subdirectory. I'm going to deploy the file on a host that I don't control, so I can't make changes to the apache configuration.

I want to only allow access to .pdf files in the
directory. I have attempted:

Deny From All

<FilesMatch ".+\/Foo\/.+\.pdf$">
Allow From All

However, when I attempt to access
, I am given an HTTP 403 Forbidden response.

How can I deny access to everything, except for pdf files in one particular directory?


Answer Source

Create a this inside root .htaccess as your very first rule:

RewriteEngine On

# prohibit everything except .pdf files    
RewriteRule ^foo/(?!.*\.pdf$) - [F,NC]
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