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JSON Question

Getting index of first object in an array that has "name" property starting with selected letter

I have alphabetically ordered list of countries in an array like following:

name: "United States",
country_code: "US",
dial_code: "+1"
{ .. etc }

I am listening for users key input and lets say they press "a" key. I want to get index of first object in the array where name starts with "a".

Now my question is not to how to perform this whole operation, just advice / ideas on how to find such index in the array if I already know user pressed "a". I was looking into lodash to do this, but wasn't able to figure it out, hence feel free to use third party libraries if they are appropriate to solve this.


use _.findIndex to find first matched item index:

var firstIndex = _.findIndex(countries, function(country) {
    return _.chain(country)
        .get('name', '')