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Installing PHPUnit via PEAR

I have problems installing PHPUnit 3.4.6 via PEAR 1.9.0. After I discover channel pear.phpunit.de and try to use one of following commands:

pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

pear install --alldeps phpunit/PHPUnit

pear install --onlyreqdeps phpunit/PHPUnit

it fails, giving me following error:

No releases available for package

install failed

I found several threads from people with the same problem, but upgrading PEAR to the newest version usually worked for them. Also there seems to be close to no tutorials for installing PHPUnit for Windows.


I've also tried to change prefered_state to beta; didn't help.

I've also tried to get list of all available packages:

pear remote-list -c phpunit

It gives me another error:

Cannot download non-http URL "/c/categories.xml"

Answer Source

I had the same problem yesterday, and solved it by updating the channels

pear clear-cache
pear update-channels

before trying to install phpUnit.

Hope this helps.

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