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Java Question

How do I make my java application open a console/terminal window?

Is there any way I can make an executable .jar that will open up the command line when double clicked?

I'm making a text-based adventure game. As of right now it is just a maze with rooms. Eventually it is going to be much bigger and more in depth but for now I just want to get the basic structure down. Anyways, to make this work I've been getting output and input from the System.out.printf command and the java.util.Scanner. It's all working beautifully so far but I've realized I'm going to run into a problem when I try to send this to other people that don't know how or just don't want to run the program from the command line.

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If you want full control, you can implement a Console window in Swing which does what you have now.

If you cannot open said window (if headless) or the user asks for it on the command line, then just default to your current behaviour.

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