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C# Question

How to get value returned from async Task<string> function(); in C#

I have an async method and I want to get a message from the same method when it gets done.

Below is the code

static async Task<string> pizza()
await Task.Delay(10);
for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
//Console.WriteLine("Processing pizza...");
return "Pizza is ready";


And I want to get receive this message at calling point

....... code
Task t=null;
switch (option)
case 1:

await Task.Run(() =>

t=pizza();// asynchronous method

.... other code

Answer Source

Do you need the Task.Run part? You can await of you are inside an async method:

var result = await pizza();


You can also call result:

var result = pizza().Result;
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