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How to assign an array of int and strings into one string variable in swift?

I have an array that takes in 2 types, a String and an Int the code looks like so

var totalDoubleSet1Array = [(Dante,10), (Cassius, 9), (Rio, 5)]
let sortedArray = totalDoubleSet1Array.sort { $0.1 > $1.1 }

I then use the sort function to arrange in order the highest score(Int) to the lowest with the name next to it. (So I can assign this to a string and display in an AlertAction)
I have seen it somewhere on here that yes I can print an Array of a single type of String or Int etc to the console but how can I Assign this array of 2 types (Stings and Ints) to a new Variable of String so I can assign it to a AlertAction message in swift please? Or even better how can I grab the individual element of each entry so I can assign it to a Var String? Hopefully this makes sense.. Thanks

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This is not an "array of two types", it's an array of tuples. You can grab an item from the array and take its individual parts like this:

let (name, score) = totalDoubleSet1Array[i]

After this assignment you would get two variables - name of type String that has the value of i-th element's name, and score of type Int that has the value of i-th element's score.

If all you need is the name, you have two options:

  • You could use let (name, _) = totalDoubleSet1Array[i] syntax, or
  • You could use let name = totalDoubleSet1Array[i].1 instead.

Note that you are using the second syntax already in the comparison expression of your sorting function:

sort { $0.1 > $1.1 }
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