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Lightbox Overlay doesn't scroll down in Chrome or Edge

I have an issue with my wordpress website which uses the Lightbox (WP Lightbox 2)plugin and the overlay it creates. More specifically when I click on the image in Firefox the overlay appears right where the scroll is, fitting the browser. But if I click on the image in Chrome or Edge, the overlay stays on top of the page and does not scroll down for some reason.
If it was just css, I would be able to fix it, but it seems that "top" value for lightbox class is defined via js somehow and I have no idea what causes that difference. Right now it is different in Firefox - adding a proper amount of "space" on top, and in Chrome it doesn't add anything but a regular padding value. So the whole thing sits on top.
Obviously I need to have a lightbox overlay open where the scroll is on the page, not just on top.

Here is the link to the page you can try it on, just scroll down and click on the images in Chrome and if Firefox and you will see what I mean.

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Add this style and try

.lightGallery {
  overflow: visible !important;


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