Mahdi Ghandi Mahdi Ghandi - 1 year ago 129
Javascript Question

equalizer on small-only does not exist in foundation 6?

Im using Foundation 6, the last released version.
I have a problem with equalizer. I want to equalizer to be turn on only for small screen.
In according to : ,
when I use this :

data-equalizer data-equalize-on="small"

it works on all screen sizes.
please help me.

Answer Source

I found out answer of my question. there is no built-in solution unlike foundation 5, so we have to limit the equalization by hand in css. it will override equalization height for medium and larger viewports. .custom-class must be written in all divs that you don't need to be equalized.

@media (min-width:640px){
        height:auto !important; 
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