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iOS Question

SLServiceTypeFacebook setInitialText is not working

I am trying to share a text on Facebook with SLServiceTypeFacebook on IOS 8.3. But the popup text box displayed empty. I want it to be displayed with text in it. Below you can see the code I use for that.

if([SLComposeViewController isAvailableForServiceType:SLServiceTypeFacebook])
SLComposeViewController *controller = [SLComposeViewController composeViewControllerForServiceType:SLServiceTypeFacebook];

[controller setInitialText:@"First post from my iPhone app"];
[self presentViewController:controller animated:YES completion:Nil];

Answer Source

It seems to be a problem having installed the latest Facebook app update (v29). Removing it "fixes" the problem.

Update (Jun. 3, 2015)

Well. It seems that the new Facebook policy says that prefilling a message through setInitialText: is a prefill violation.

So I guess the only way to share content from now on is the FBSDKShareDialog

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