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Browser developer tools: what is the Position of the HTML element?

Modern Web Developer tools (in Chrome / FF / IE, eg.) provide a way to see the "Box Model" and "Computed CSS Properties" of a particular element. However;

Is there a way to monitor the final computed/layout position easily with such tools?

Preferably absolute, but within the parent container is also suitable. I am amendable to using any of the previously mentioned [Windows] browsers, but prefer to use Chrome.

Answer Source

In Chrome and Firefox, when an element is selected, you can access this element in the console window by typing:


You can then query and manipulate using the Javascript DOM API, which has a very useful method called Element.getBoundingClientRect().

So all you have to do is type the following into the console window when an element is selected:


and the browser will return an object such as:

{ x: 1081, y: 72, width: 49, height: 28, top: 72, right: 1130, bottom: 99, left: 1081 }

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