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Swift Question

Xcode 8 syntax highlighting doesn't work

The code above has correct syntax highlighting in Xcode 7. It is mix of Obj-C + Swift:

enter image description here

I've updated project to support Xcode 8 and only few things was changed:

  • In Build Settings Swift 2.3 support
    enter image description here

  • And have fixed few errors related to implicitly unwrapped properties in UIKit
    enter image description here

After all the project is compiled fine for Xcode 8.

But Obj-C code integrated in Swift doesn't have any syntax highlighting and vice versa:

enter image description here

And there is << error type >> problem with autocomplete:
enter image description here

Derived data deleting doesn't help, Xcode restart either :) CocoaPods version 0.38.2, iOS 7

Answer Source

Fixed. Problem was related to the presence of target in project which is not compiled. So if you have targets e.g. A, B, C and C is not compiled this cause problems with syntax highlighting.

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