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Git Question

Find size of git repo

What's a simple way to find the size of my git repository? And I don't mean

du -h
on the root directory of my repo. I have a lot of ignored files so that size would be different from my total repo size. I essentially want to know how much data would be transfered upon cloning my repo.

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UPDATE git 1.8.3 introduced a more efficient way to get a rough size: git count-objects -vH (see answer by @VonC)

For different ideas of "complete size" you could use:

git bundle create tmp.bundle --all
du -sh tmp.bundle

Close (but not exact:)

git gc
du -sh .git/

With the latter, you would also be counting:

  • hooks
  • config (remotes, push branches, settings (whitespace, merge, aliases, user details etc.)
  • stashes (see Can I fetch a stash from a remote repo into a local branch? also)
  • rerere cache (which can get considerable)
  • reflogs
  • backups (from filter-branch, e.g.) and various other things (intermediate state from rebase, bisect etc.)
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