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CSS Question

Is there a way to set a common image path for LESS files?

I am using the LESS styling language.

Consider the following CSS:

background:url(../img/layout/side-bg.jpg) top no-repeat;

Right now all of my images are in the folder
I wanted to be able to set a variable as the image path and use it like so:

@image-path: ../img;

background:url(@image-path/layout/side-bg.jpg) top no-repeat;

This does not work however. Its not a huge deal, I could always use find and replace if the image folder ever changed. I am just starting to learn LESS and was wondering if something like this is possible.

Answer Source

Try using string interpolation for things like this. Look for “variable interpolation” in docs.

@base-url: "http://assets.fnord.com";
background-image: url("@{base-url}/images/bg.png");
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