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VS2013 Windows Service - How to make installer?

I have written a Windows Service.

I now want to package it up in an installer.

I have used the VS2013 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt and then used the commands:

To install it:

installutil httpapiservice.exe

To uninstall it:

installutil httpapiservice.exe /u

This works perfectly. I can see the new service in "Services" and stop and start it no problem.

I then proceeded to right click on the project and select "Publish" and it produced a setup.exe

But, when I run the setup.exe I can see it "downloading and extracting" the files. It looks like it's installing but nothing appears in "Services"

Can anyone tell me if I am doing it correctly please?


Answer Source

I ended up zipping up the software and including installutil.exe and simply gave the customer instructions have to install and uninstall.

Seems to have worked perfectly.


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