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Swift Question

Can somebody post a good example of MVC Pattern in Swift?

A simple project which has implemented the MVC pattern. So far,I have a brief understanding of how it is like but I want to see the practical implementation.

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This is a typical example of Model View Controller in swift:

class Article {
  var title: String
  var body: String
  var date: NSDate
  var thumbnail: NSURL
  var saved: Bool

class ArticleViewController: UIViewController {
  var bodyTextView: UITextView
  var titleLabel: UILabel
  var dateLabel: UILabel

  var article: Article {
    didSet {
      titleLabel.text = article.title
      bodyTextView.text = article.body

      let dateFormatter = NSDateFormatter()
      dateFormatter.dateStyle = NSDateFormatterStyle.ShortStyle
      dateLabel.text = dateFormatter.stringFromDate(
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