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PHP Question

replace all keys in php array

This is my array:

['apple']['some code']
['beta']['other code']
['cat']['other code 2 ']

how can I replace all the "e" letters with "!" in the key name and keep the values
so that I will get something like that

['appl!']['some code']
['b!ta']['other code']
['cat']['other code 2 ']

I found this but because I don't have the same name for all keys I can't use It

$tags = array_map(function($tag) {
return array(
'name' => $tag['name'],
'value' => $tag['url']
}, $tags);

Answer Source

I hope your array looks like this:-

    [apple] => some code
    [beta] => other code
    [cat] => other code 2 

If yes then you can do it like below:-

$next_array = array();
foreach ($array as $key=>$val){
     $next_array[str_replace('e','!',$key)] = $val;
echo "<pre/>";print_r($next_array);


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