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Python Question

How do I access an Oracle db without installing Oracle's client and cx_Oracle?

I have two RHEL servers running Python 2.4 and 2.6 separately. There is an Oracle database on the other server I need to access.

I was trying to install cx_oracle on my RHEL server but found out that the Oracle client must be installed first.

The problem is, I don’t have permission to install Oracle's client on both RHEL servers. On the same servers, a Perl program can connect to the Oracle db using:


Can Python do the same without installing cx_oracle and the Oracle client? Or are there any suggestions about how to write a module myself to do the same thing?

Thanks in advance!

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Usually, all you need are the libraries, which don't necessarily require sudo rights. Extract them to a place the software will be able to read from and set the following environment variables accordingly:


I have had best luck skipping tnsnames, and just specifying the host, port, etc in the connection, but it's quite possible you'll need it for cx_oracle...I don't remember from when I used it ages ago.

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