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Swift - Convert Milliseconds into Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds

I am writing a racing app and want to convert a large number of milliseconds into minutes:seconds.milliseconds (for example,

). At the moment I just do it through maths (
minutes / 60000
), then get remainder and divide further, etc., but i find that it is off every now and then by 1 millisecond. I know this might not sound like a big deal, but I tried to find the average of
and it returned
, which means it gets put in incorrectly and the rest of the app can't deal with it.

Is there a way to use
or something like that to format the milliseconds into MM:ss.mmm?

I have looked at these sources but not found the answer:

How to convert milliseconds into minutes?

Convert seconds into minutes and seconds

Convert milliseconds to minutes

Answer Source

You can create a NSTimeInterval extension to format your elapsed time as follow:

extension NSTimeInterval {
    var minuteSecondMS: String {
       return String(format:"%d:%02d.%03d", minute , second, millisecond  )
    var minute: Int {
        return Int((self/60.0)%60)
    var second: Int {
        return Int(self % 60)
    var millisecond: Int {
        return Int(self*1000 % 1000 )

extension Int {
    var msToSeconds: Double {
        return Double(self) / 1000

let seconds = 131.531   // 131.531
let time = seconds.minuteSecondMS  //  "2:11.531"
let millisecond = seconds.millisecond    // 531

let ms = 1111
let sec = ms.msToSeconds.minuteSecondMS   // "0:01.111"
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