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Scala-Spark: Convert Dataframe to RDD[Edge]

I have a dataframe that it represents edges of a graph; this is the schema:

root |-- src: string (nullable = true)
|-- dst: string (nullable = true)
|-- relationship: struct (nullable = false)
| |-- business_id: string (nullable = true)
| |-- normalized_influence: double (nullable = true)

I want to convert it to RDD[Edge] to work with Pregel API and my difficulties is on attribute "relationship". How can convert it?

Answer Source

Edge is a parameterized class. This means you can store whatever you like in each edge, besides the source and destination ids. In your case, it would probably be an Edge[Relationship]. You can use case classes to map both the dataframe and the RDD[Edge[Relationship]]:

import scala.util.hashing.MurmurHash3
case class Relationship(business_id: String, normalized_influence: Double)
case class MyEdge(src: String, dst: String, relationship: Relationship)

val edges: RDD[Edge[Relationship]] =[MyEdge] { edge =>
        MurmurHash3.stringHash(edge.src).toLong, // VertexId type is a Long, so we need to hash your string
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