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Is there a writeToFile equivalent for Swift 3's 'Data' type?

I've some code which returns the new iOS 10 / Swift 3 NSData replacement(?) type: Data

if let jpegData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(newImage, 0.8) { ... }

I want to write this image to disk, however NSData's
method is not present for this class. It does have a
method, but that doesn't seem to work with a file path (and appending component).

Can anyone clarify how I would now do this, as used to be the case in Swift 2:

jpegData.writeToFile(imagePath, atomically: true)


Rob Rob
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Use write(to: fileURL).

For example:

let fileURL = try! FileManager.default.urlForDirectory(.documentDirectory, in: .userDomainMask, appropriateFor: nil, create: false)

do {
    try jpegData.write(to: fileURL, options: .atomic)
} catch {

Or, if you really are stuck with a path, convert that to a URL:

do {
    try data.write(to: URL(fileURLWithPath: path), options: .atomic)
} catch {

But, generally, it's preferable to use URL references throughout your code nowadays, retiring the use of path strings.

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