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Swift Question

Creating class for defining constants in swift

Note: I want to achieve similar functionality in swift - Where to store global constants in an iOS application?

I have two classes - MasterViewController and DetailViewController

I want to define an enum (refer below enum) and use its values in both classes:

enum Planet: Int {
case Mercury = 1, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

I tried to define it in MasterViewController and use it in DetailViewController like this:

let aPlanet = Planet.Earth

but compiler is complaining :(

"Use of unresolved identifier Planet"

Generally in my objective c code I used to have a global constant file, which I used to import in app-prefix.pch file, which was making it accessible to all files within my project, but in this case I am clueless.

Answer Source

If your enum is being defined in a class like this:

class MyClass {
    enum Planet: Int {
        // ...

You have to access it through your class:

var aPlanet = MyClass.Planet.Earth

You also want to use the rawValue property. You will need that to access the actual Int value:

var aPlanet = MyClass.Planet.Earth.rawValue
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