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Java Question

java OutputStreamWriter and CP437

I am trying the following code, my problem is with the characters i put to get the byte array

the char É should correspond to 144 according to its charset set but i got the value of -55 when i ran the code,

if i used $ i will get 36 which is correct?

thanks for your help

try {
ByteArrayOutputStream result = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
Writer wr = new OutputStreamWriter(result, "CP437");
ba2 = result.toByteArray();

} catch (Exception x) {

Answer Source

CP437 encoding requires 8 bits to store, I executed your code and found the value stored in a byte as -112, É corresponding to 144 is outside the range of a standard byte (-127 to 128). convert it to an unsigned or positive value to obtain the correct result, use the following code to convert to an unsigned value:

public static int unsignedToBytes(byte b) {
    return b & 0xFF;

printing this value:

System.out.println(unsignedToBytes((byte) ba2[0]));

gives 144 which is your required value.

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