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PM2 (Node.js) not listening on specified port

I am trying to get a Node/Express application up and running on PM2. I can start the application fine with this command:

npm start

This starts the app fine on port 3000.

If I try to start the application with
pm2 start app.js
I get the following in the log:

{ online: true, success: true, pid: 10714, pm2_version: '0.8.15' }
2014-06-12T19:52:06.789Z : [[[[ PM2/God daemon launched ]]]]
2014-06-12T19:52:06.800Z : RPC interface [READY] on 6666:localhost
2014-06-12T19:52:06.801Z : BUS system [READY] on 6667:localhost
2014-06-12T19:52:06.978Z : Entering in node wrap logic (cluster_mode) for script /home/user/test/app.js
2014-06-12T19:52:07.115Z : /home/user/test/app.js - id0 worker online

In my bin/www file I have the following specifying the port:

app.set('port', process.env.PORT || 3000);

I have also tried running
export PORT=3000

As well as the following in bin/www:

app.set('port', 3000);

If I run a
netstat -an | grep 3000
I get nothing back.

Answer Source

The answer to this, for anyone using Express, is to run this command:

pm2 start ./bin/www

I had been running pm2 start app.js which did not work.

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