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Django or similar for composite primary keys

I am writing a web application for my engineering company (warning: I am a programmer only by hobby) and was planning on using Django until I hit this snag. The models I want to use naturally have multi-column primary keys. Per, I can't use Django, at least not a released version. Can anyone help me with a workaround, whether it be via another web framework (Python-based only, please) or by suggesting changes to the model so it will work with Django's limitations? I am really hoping for the latter, as I was hoping to use this as an opportunity to learn Django.

Table one has part_number and part_revision as two fields that should comprise a primary key. A P/N can exist at multiple revisions, but P/N + rev are unique.

Table two has part_number, part_revision and dimension_number as its primary key. A P/N at a specific rev can have a number of dimensions, however, each is unique. Also, in this case, P/N + rev should be a ForeignKey of Table one.

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A work around is to create a surrogate key (an auto increment column) as the primary key column and place a unique index on your domain composite key.

Foreign keys will then refer to the surrogate primary key column.

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