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JSON Question


I have this json and I need to echo some specific results from it with php


totalResultsCount: 1,
geonames: [
adminCode1: "06",
lng: "27.85849",
geonameId: 953781,
toponymName: "Soweto",
countryId: "953987",
fcl: "P",
population: 1695047,
countryCode: "ZA",
name: "Soweto",
fclName: "city, village,...",
countryName: "South Africa",
fcodeName: "populated place",
adminName1: "Gauteng",
lat: "-26.26781",
fcode: "PPL"

How would I echo lets say name which is in geonames[]

I tried this


echo $json->geonams->name

Answer Source

You can use json object in two ways:

1. json object style:

echo $json->geonams->name;

2. array style:

$arr = json_decode($json, true);    // it will return an array
echo $arr['geonams']['name'];
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