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git clone --bare: fatal: repository does not exist

I am using git version on debian Wheezy.

I am trying to create a new repository (according to the 'manual of
However everytime I get this fatal error:

fatal: repository 'poekoe' does not exist

So this is what I type at command line:

git clone --bare --progress poekoe poekoe.git

I also tried this on a sqeeze distribution and there it works fine.
(git version on squeeze is: git version

All installed packages on the wheezy distribution are:


all to get this working.

Does anybody know how to fix this?
I am running the script as root

Answer Source
git clone --bare --progress poekoe poekoe.git

That git clone only works if your current directory does contain the repo poekoe.

If your current folder is empty, then the error message makes sense.

The URLs section recommends using absolute paths:

$ git clone --bare -l /home/proj/.git /pub/scm/proj.git

The OP Bonifatiusk reports in the comments a solution depending on git version:

I found this:

git --bare init poekoe.git: this is indeed different from older versions who will init a new repo using --bare with clone.

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