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iOS Question

Glyphicons are different colour on iOS compared to Android

For example:

<a target="_blank" href="#Home" class="needsclick btn-header-xs btn-header-md btn-header-lg">
<span class="fa fa-home header-glyph"></span>

The 'btn-header-*' only applies padding.

.header-glyph, header-glyph:active, header-glyph:focus, header-glyph:hover,
header-glyph:visited {
color: #428bca !important;
font-size: 25px !important

Android this is blue (#428bca), yet on iOS this is an orange colour.

Can't see anything behind the scenes that would make it inherit this colour.

Looking for a platform specific issue that can be hopefully overridden?? I am developing on iOS 9.0.2 also.

Answer Source

I was asked to update my iOS from 9.0.2 to 9.1.0. This styling issue cannot be replicated any longer. Looked at the release notes out of curiosity, but nothing that specific.