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Electron: How to minimize a window from a rendered process


I have a window and it has an

add task button
that is opening a window. Everytime user clicks on it, it opens a window. I have a button on
add task window
that minimize it. How to implement this minimize button?


I am able to
window by using the code below:

var winclose = function () {

var winmaximize = function () {
window.moveTo(0, 0);
window.resizeTo(screen.width, screen.height);

However, I am not able to find any function that can minimize a window from rendered process.

Please help, many thanks;


Browsers do not provide a function to devs to minimize them. but here
is a different scenario. Here I am using chromium provided by Electronjs. So, there must be a way to do so as we are developing a desktop application

Dummy Download link: download from OneDrive

Answer Source

You can call minimize() on the respective BrowserWindow instance. The question is how to best get access to this instance and this, in turn, depends on how you open the windows and where your minimize button is. From your example, I take it that the minimize button is actually in the window you want to close, in that case you can just minimize the focused window, because to when a user clicks the button inside it, the window should currently have the focus:

const { remote } = require('electron')

Alternatively you can use BrowserWindow.fromId() to get access to the window in question if, for example, you want to minimize the task window from the other window.

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