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PHP Question

Merge 2 text files based on first column using php

I have 2 log files with multiple lines like




2|POST|accept: txt|...
3|POST|accept: txt|...

Expected result:

3|2016-03-13|...|POST|accept: txt|...

So I need to combine all data in a single file based on first column (ID) using PHP scripting.

Note: count of rows can be different. Only intersection needed (order sensitive)

Answer Source

My solution is:

    exec ("awk -F'|' -vOFS='|' '(NR==FNR){a[$1]=$0; next}{if(a[$1]){print $2,a[$1]}}' first.log second.log > result.log");

I used exec php function to execute shell script

awk -F'|' -vOFS='|' '(NR==FNR){a[$1]=$0; next}{if(a[$1]){print $2,a[$1]}}' first.log second.log > result.log

Here -F'|' specifies '|' symbol as delimiter, first.log and second.log is my files to merge.

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