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How can I get a call stack listing in Perl?

Is there a way I can access (for printout) a list of sub + module to arbitrary depth of sub-calls preceding a current position in a Perl script?

I need to make changes to some Perl modules (.pm's). The workflow is initiated from a web-page thru a cgi-script, passing input through several modules/objects ending in the module where I need to use the data. Somewhere along the line the data got changed and I need to find out where.

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You can use Devel::StackTrace.

use Devel::StackTrace;
my $trace = Devel::StackTrace->new;
print $trace->as_string; # like carp

It behaves like Carp's trace, but you can get more control over the frames.

The one problem is that references are stringified and if a referenced value changes, you won't see it. However, you could whip up some stuff with PadWalker to print out the full data (it would be huge, though).