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MySQL Question

MySQL Insert join table statement and update field on joined table

I have two table with column like this:

Table aggthndet (Reference table)

SELECT `aggthndet`.`idaggdet`,
`aggthndet`.`iu_stat`FROM `aggthndet`;

Table aggakundet

SELECT `aggakundet`.`id`,
FROM `aggakundet`;

The tables are mutually related to each other (relationship one-to-many)

i want insert data into table aggakundet, and update column pagu on table aggthndet, pagu column is the sum of the overall jml_total (alias column) of columns that have the same idaggdet.

sample data

table aggthndet

table aggakundet

Answer Source

In your script, you are having the value of idaggdet in $idaggdet.

Once insertion is done, proceed with UPDATE using the values in $idaggdet

You can take the below query as reference,

UPDATE `aggthndet`
SET `pagu` = `pagu`+1
WHERE `idaggdet` = '$idaggdet';

You can append this update statement in $sql itself.

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