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jQuery Question

Using jQuery and JSON to populate forms?

I was wondering how is it popssible to populate forms using JSON?

I have a JSON string which I get using php's


And I want to use the JSON string to populate form controls (such as textarea or text input).

How can I achieve such thing without using external plugins (like jQuery populate plugin, which I saw).

EDIT: JSON format:


This is what I get from json_encode()

Answer Source

there is a problem here with textarea, then I change it to a default switch value

Use this to assign values to Many Controls :

function populate(frm, data) {   
    $.each(data, function(key, value) {  
        var ctrl = $('[name='+key+']', frm);  
        switch(ctrl.prop("type")) { 
            case "radio": case "checkbox":   
                ctrl.each(function() {
                    if($(this).attr('value') == value) $(this).attr("checked",value);
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