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Check Glass Mapper V3 types at runtime

Using Glass Mapper V3, is it possible to check whether a Sitecore item supports a specific Glass Mapper class/interface?

Given these classes

public partial interface IPage : IGlassBase
// ... some properties here ...

public partial interface IRateableItem : IGlassBase
// ... some properties here ...

I would like to do something like this

var context = SitecoreContext();
var item = context.GetCurrentItem<IRateableItem>();
if (item != null)
// it's an item that is composed of the Rateable Item template

Unfortunately, if I do that, I do get an item of the type IRateableItem returned, regardless of whether the current item is composed of that template or not.

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Another solution would be to create a custom task that runs in the ObjectConstruction pipeline.

Something like this:

  public class LimitByTemplateTask : IObjectConstructionTask
    private static readonly Type _templateCheck = typeof (ITemplateCheck);

    public void Execute(ObjectConstructionArgs args)
        if (args.Result != null)

        if ( _templateCheck.IsAssignableFrom(args.AbstractTypeCreationContext.RequestedType))
            var scContext = args.AbstractTypeCreationContext as SitecoreTypeCreationContext;
            var config = args.Configuration as SitecoreTypeConfiguration;

            var template = scContext.SitecoreService.Database.GetTemplate(scContext.Item.TemplateID);

            //check to see if any base template matched the template for the requested type
            if (template.BaseTemplates.All(x => x.ID != config.TemplateId) && scContext.Item.TemplateID != config.TemplateId)

public interface ITemplateCheck{}

You would then change you IRateableItem inteface to have the template ID it needs to match and inherit from ITemplateCheck:

[SitecoreType(TemplateId = "CF9B175D-872E-439A-B358-37A01155EEB1")]
public interface IRateableItem: ITemplateCheck, IGlassBase{}

Finally you will need to register the new task with the Castle IOC container in GlassMapperScCustom:

    public static void CastleConfig(IWindsorContainer container){
        var config = new Config();

        container.Install(new SitecoreInstaller(config));

I haven't had a chance to test this so let me know if there are any problems.

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