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Libgdx Android In-App simple tutorial

I want to use Google In-App billing for my Android Apps using

. By default, it is a free apps for everyone. Some of the features will be unlocked once user paid a small fee (lets assume $1), and all features will be unlocked if user paid the full price (assuming $2).

I have a read on official Google's Billing site but I have no idea how to link it to Libgdx. The Official Libgdx Site doesn't really provide any clear instruction and explanation.

As at today, I still have no idea on how to link both Libgdx and In-App Billing. Furthermore, where is the information being stored (is it in the preference file?) when user purchased the unlocked item? I have absolutely no idea.

It will be great if someone lead me to the right path. Thank in advance.

Answer Source

Libgdx has an extension library that provides in-app-billing services in a cross-platform way: https://github.com/libgdx/gdx-pay. You can use this as-is, or use it as an example for how to interface between core and platform-specific code.

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