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MySQL Question

PHP and MySQL form submit

In this block of code where do I put mysqli_real_escape_string() ?

Or if you have a better way of writing the whole block I'm interested to hear.

$title = ($_POST["title"]);
$date = ($_POST["date"]);
$content = ($_POST["content"]);

$query = "INSERT INTO months (";
$query .= " title, date, content ";
$query .= ") VALUES (";
$query .= " '{$title}', '{$date}', '{$content}' ";
$query .= ")";
mysqli_query($connection, $query); ?>

Answer Source

It would be the best to use prepared statements.

$stmt = mysqli_prepare($connection, "INSERT INTO months (title, date, content) 
                                VALUES(?, ?, ?)");

mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "sss", $title, $date, $content);
$title = $_POST["title"]; 
$date = $_POST["date"]; 
$content = $_POST["content"]; 

When using an escape function and string concatenation there might still be cases in which sql injection is possible. Prepared Statements work differently, so they are secure against sql injection.