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Webpage redirect to the main page with CGI Python

As my first web app I developed a very simple survey. Random questions are being asked from the user anytime the page refreshes. The answer is sent to a cgi script using post to save the answers to the database.

However, when the user presses the submit button it automatically goes to the page which is responsible for processing the data and since it doesn't have any output it is a blank page. Now if the user wants to answer another question they have to press the "back" in the browser and refresh the page so a new question pops up. I don't want this.

I want it in a way that when the users pressed submit, the answers go automatically to the processing script and the page refreshes itself with a new question or at least after processing it redirects to the main survey page with a new question.

Answer Source

You want to implement this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post/Redirect/Get

It's much simpler than it sounds. The CGI script that receives the POST must simply produce the following output:

Status: 303 See other
Location: http://lalala.com/themainpage
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