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Java Question

How do I replace the deprecated method Date.setHours(int)?

I have some deprecated

methods in my Java code and I would appreciate if someone can guide me here please. I have a private Date variable:

private Date startime;
private Date endTime;

and in my method I have declared:

Calendar calender = Calendar.getInstance();
this.startTime = calender.getTime();
this.startTime.setHours(0); // ----> is depreacted

this.endTime.setHours(startTime.getHours()); // -->deprecated line as well

Other methods such as
are also deprecated.

I know that I have to use
Calendar.set(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, hour)
. How can use the new code here? all the setHours, getMinutes, etc are all over-lined.

if (query.getCount() > 0 && query.moveToFirst()) {
Calendar calender = Calendar.getInstance();
this.startTime = calender.getTime();

this.daysOfWeek = (query.getString("daysOfWeek")).toLowerCase();

this.endTime = calender.getTime();
this.endTime.setMinutes(startTime.getMinutes() + query.getInt("durationMins"));

this.context = null;

Answer Source

If I understand your question correctly, this should work:

int hours = 0;
Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
calendar.set( Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, hours );
this.startTime = calendar.getTime();

this.endTime = calendar.getTime();

If not, can you show us the full method where you want to replace the date code?

EDIT: Here is the updated version for your full method. Basically how it works is that once you get an instance of the Calendar object it maintains its state. Since you are not planning on changing the hours it only has to be set once. Since you are updating the minutes from your query you will have to set it again before calling calendar.getTime().

    if (query.getCount() > 0 && query.moveToFirst())
        int hours = 0;
        int minutes = query.getInt( "startTimeOfDayMins" );

        Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
        calendar.set( Calendar.HOUR, hours );
        calendar.set( Calendar.MINUTE, minutes );
        this.startTime = calendar.getTime();

        this.daysOfWeek = ( query.getString( "daysOfWeek" ) ).toLowerCase();

        calendar.set( Calendar.MINUTE, minutes + query.getInt( "durationMins" ) );
        this.endTime = calendar.getTime();

        this.context = null;
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