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How many Tasks are too many

I am working on a spaceship shooter style game. In the game there are slow moving missiles that I run on different tasks.

Task t4 = new Task(() => fireShipCannons());

They don't do much; just move a small bitmap across the screen. Usually it is a for loop with 30 iterations. The problem is that the timing is off and some tasked seem to take priority over others. I also many be important to note that to control the speed of the missiles I am using Thread.Sleep(100). Because of this slowing down, the method will run for a few seconds.

I am using c#, .net, Windows Form Application

I have spent hours thinking about how to reword this, and I think it is worded correctly. The problem I was having was broad; so yes, the question may be a bit broad. I got a great answer! Does that not indicate that the question was asked correctly?

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Since you are already using Tasks (good), you can simply make them async Tasks and use await Task.Delay(time).

    async Task fireShipCannons(CancellationToken ct)
        for (int i = 0; i < distance; i++) {
           await Task.Delay(100, ct);

This way you will not tie up 1 thread for every bullet. Most likely your tasks are currently slow because you reach the limit of your threadpool, so this should be a lot faster. But additionally, you should also check if Task.Delay has taken more than the 100 ms you suggested. If it did, draw the bullet 2 spots further instead of 1, and reschedule accordingly.

    async Task fireShipCannons(CancellationToken ct)
        var start = DateTime.Now;
        while (bullet.isOnscreen) {
           var sleep = (start.Add(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(100.0)) - DateTime.Now);
           if (sleep.Milliseconds > 0) {
               Task.Delay(sleep, ct);
           iter = (int)((DateTime.Now - start).TotalMilliseconds / 100 + 0.5);
           bullet.moveSteps(iter); // move it iter steps.
           var start = start.AddMilliseconds(100 * it);

Lastly, it might be a good idea to not hammer your draw function with new calls for every bullet, but instead combine all bullets/changes into a single render function that calculate all changes and sends them off in one go. But that depend on how your draw function itself is implemented.

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