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C# Question

How to keep the direction of line unchanged in the recursion?

With this function I want to draw a recursive tree but, when I call this function the direction of second line (which I want to draw recursively changes each time).

Is the angle between
and the first line,

Is the angle between first line and second line.

This is the First level recursion
This is the second level of recursion the problem is at highlighted line
How can I fix this problem?

public void drawTree(int n, float l, float x, float y, float a, float b, float c,
float k1, float k2, float k3, float m2, float m3)
//float k = (float)Math.Pow(-1, n+1);
Pen p = new Pen(Color.Black);
Graphics gr = this.CreateGraphics();

float l1 = k1 * l;
float l2 = k2 * l;
float l3 = k3 * l;
float g = m3 * l;
float f = m2 * l;

gr.DrawLine(p, x, y, x + l * cos(a), y - l * sin(a));
if (n == 1) return;

drawTree(n - 1, l2, x + f * cos(a), y - f * sin(a), (a - b), b, c, k1, k2, k3, m2, m3);

Answer Source

Every time you compute the new point, you're subtracting it from y which if sin(a) was positive, would be fine, but since it's not, it flips from being a negative subtraction to a positive subtraction.

If you iterate one level deeper, the next line should be drawn correctly.

Try either using a positive value a or Math.Abs the resulting sin(a).

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