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JSON Question

check if name == keyword

So i have a json here and im trying to search for name

I am trying to read through the whole json, and only match to name. But im not sure how to go about that.

I parsed the json below into a variable called jsondata

and created this loop here to read it.

jsondata.each do |links|
puts links

But how can i go about only reading the name field and matching it to a string? Lets say im looking looking for the word leo.


Cam Cam

You can search each string under the key of "name" for the needle you're looking for using String#include? or String#index. The Enumerable method select would be a good choice for selecting only the hashes that contain the data you're looking for:

jsondata["files"].select{|h| h["name"].include? "leo" }

This presumes you have parsed the json data into a Ruby hash:

jsondata = {"files"=>[

jsondata["files"].select{|h| h["name"].include? "leo" }
#  => [{"name"=>"leo.jpg", "size"=>51678, "deleteType"=>"DELETE", "deleteUrl"=>"http=>//", "url"=>"http=>//"}, {"name"=>"leo2.jpg", "size"=>41407, "deleteType"=>"DELETE", "deleteUrl"=>"http=>//", "url"=>"http=>//"}]