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jQuery: Get last row column selector

I have the following row in a table:

<tr><td>Adric cut-out</td><td><span class="quantity">0</span></td><td>worthless</td></tr>

I've already got the span with the class 'quantity' selected, but I'm having no luck getting the last TD element in the row selected. I can do it by getting its parent, then its parent, then the last TD child element but is there something a little more efficient?

Using this as a start, how would I select the TD element containing the price?
Note, it will always be the last item on the row.

rjz rjz
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If the format is consistent, stepping up and over to the next column should be fairly efficient:

var price = $('.quantity').closest('td').next().html();

It might be faster to simply assign a class (price?) to the last td and collect that, though.

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