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Increasing program speedup when using shared memory

I have a program that calculates Pi from the Chudnovsky formula. It's written in Java and it uses a shared Vector that is used to save intermediate calculations like factorials and powers that include the index of the element. However, I believe that since it's a synchronized Vector (thread safe by default) only one thread can read or write to it. So when we have lots of threads, instead of having increasing speedup, we see it becomes constant. Is there anything that I can do to circumvent that? What to do when there are too many threads reading/writing to the same shared memory?

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When the access pattern is lots of reads and occasional writes, you can protect an unsyncronized data structure with a ReentrantReadWriteLock. It allows multiple readers, but only a single writer.

Depending on your implementation, you might also benefit from using a ConcurrentHashMap.

You might be able to cheat a bit and use either an AtomicIntegerArray or an AtomicReferenceArray of Futures/CompletionStages.

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