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Ruby Question

Run benchmark but don't print the result

I have a benchmark like follows:

benchmark_result = do |x| { send(test_name) }

When I run this, I'm seeing output from two places:

  1. The
    in the
    block. I want to continue seeing this output.

  2. The output from the Benchmark block, i.e. the resulting benchmark report is printed to the console. I don't want this to happen.

I've seen from here how to temporarily hide the console output. But the problem is that I want the inner block to continue printing its output. I just don't want to see the benchmark results.

Answer Source

When you call the report method on the Benchmark::Report object sent to the block by or Benchmark.benchmark, it will print to STDOUT. If you're just interested in the benchmark metrics without printing a report, you can do this:

benchmark_result = Benchmark.measure do

It returns a Benchmark::Tms object that looks like this:

 => #<Benchmark::Tms:0x007fb5b1b40118

If you're just interested in the elapsed real time used to execute your block, do the following (returns a Float):

benchmark_result = Benchmark.realtime do
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