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HTML Question

why I can't use role="navigation" attribute in html nav tag?

my code

<nav role="navigation" data-offset-top="100" data-spy="affix" class="navbar navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top">

when I validate this code it will give me a warning, but the same code is available on bootstrap documentation here is a screenshot bootstrap navbar code

Answer Source

<nav role="navigation"> is redundant, so it's discouraged. During transitional periods for some elements it's encouraged to use both the [role] attribute in addition to the new tag, but only until browsers support the implicit semantics for the new tag.

This is more commonly seen with <main role="main"> which was a later addition to HTML.

In the end, the w3c validator doesn't say you can't use the redundant markup, it just warns you that it's superfluous and unnecessary.

For example, validating:

<!doctype html>
<nav role="navigation"></nav>

Produces the following warning:

Warning: Element nav does not need a role attribute.

If it were invalid markup, you'd receive an error.

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