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jQuery Question

How can I call a multidatepicker jquery

I'm using

MultiDatesPicker v1.6.1 for jQuery UI
in my project, but I got a error.

I do my
<input type='text'>

icones = "<input type='text' id='datacurso_" + drv["Usuario_Id"].ToString() + "' onclick='javascript:chamaData(' />";


<input id="datacurso_3636" onclick="javascript:chamaData(" type="text"/>

and in my
I call my function called
passing the id.

function chamaData(id) {
$("#" + id).multiDatesPicker({ maxPicks: 2 });

but I got an error when I click in my
<input type='text'>


Microsoft JScript: Conversion from "string" format not allowed on jQuery.multiDatesPicker

Somebody can help me ?

The idea, is when I click in my
<input type='text'>
the datepicker shows

Answer Source

I also face an error on my project but it looks like a conflict. Check this - it's example with minimal number of libraries

In my case it was a conflict with jquery.tablesorter.js

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