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Visual Studio 2013 Team Explorer/Git integration missing files

I've set up Visual Studio 2013 with the native Git integration & BitBucket.

This has worked fine so far, but I noticed that Visual Studio stopped tracking newly created files (created through the IDE, such as simple new .cs files) for upload to BitBucket.

  • Commit/Push for changes from already tracked files still works fine

  • The new files are not showing up in the Excluded Changes or Untracked Files lists

  • The new files are included in the project files (and those are showing the correct changes)

  • The files are definitely not excluded any other way (.gitignore or otherwise).

What else may cause the new files to not get tracked anymore?

Answer Source

I experienced something similar recently but excluding and then re-including the missing files didn't work for me. In VS2013 Premium, I noticed there's a "Untracked Files" section at the bottom of the Changes window. It was simply a matter of right-clicking the files I wanted to include and adding them. Not ideal, indeed, but another work-around.

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