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R Question

How to make all interactions in R before using glmnet

I have an x-matrix of 8 columns. I want to run glmnet to do a lasso regression. I know I need to call:

glmnet(x, y, family = "binomial", ...).

However, how do I get x to consider all one way interactions as well? Do I have to manually remake the dataframe and if so is there an easier way? I suppose I was hoping to do something of an R formula.


Answer Source

Yes, there is a convenient way for that. Two steps in it are important.

# Sample data
data <- data.frame(matrix(rnorm(9 * 10), ncol = 9))
names(data) <- c(paste0("x", 1:8), "y")
# First step: using .*. for all interactions
f <- as.formula(y ~ .*.)
y <- data$y
# Second step: using model.matrix to take advantage of f
x <- model.matrix(f, data)[, -1]
glmnet(x, y)
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