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Is it possible to use Polymer and Brick together?

There are some great components provided by Brick and other provided by Polymer. Is it technically possible to use them together ?

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x-tags (the basis for Brick) and Polymer use exactly the same polyfills, but x-tags uses a reduced set.

Brick itself ships as a single minified JS file, so that distribution doesn't work with Polymer (if you load brick.min.js and platform.js, there are polyfill collisions).

However, the x-tags themselves can work with Polymer. If you load platform.js (the polyfills), then x-tag-core (x-tag's sugaring layer), then you can import Polymer elements and load x-tags together with no problems.

This process can be simplified using imports, but x-tags/brick doesn't ship with supporting imports files (yet, but we are trying to work that out). There's an article at with more information and some examples.

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