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SQL Question

what is the meaning of Kanatype Sensitive KS and width sensitive

When creating new database I had to set the collation type or set its default....fine.

But actually I need to know what does Kanatype Sensitive(KS) and width sensitive means, its known for me that for example the case sensitive means that the letters are sensitive to upper and lower cases what about the Kanatype Sensitive and width sensitive??

Answer Source

Both have to do with sorting and typically you would not select these two options. Here is a description couresty of Microsoft.

Kanatype Sensitive

Distinguishes between the two types of Japanese kana characters: Hiragana and Katakana.

If this option is not selected, SQL Server considers Hiragana and Katakana characters to be equal for sorting purposes

Width Sensitive

Distinguishes between a single-byte character and the same character when represented as a double-byte character.

If this option is not selected, SQL Server considers the single-byte and double-byte representation of the same character to be identical for sorting purposes.

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