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Java Question

KeyPressed and KeyTyped Confusion

I have searched about difference between

Events but still I'm not clear about that . One thing I have found is Keypressed is triggered first than KeyTyped .
Please clarify me when these are triggered exactly . Which is appropriate to use for which purpose ?
Thanks in advance

Answer Source

keyPressed is fired whenever any key press occurs. keyTyped is fired when a key is pressed that can be converted into a unicode character. If the shift key is down, for example, pressing "a" will tell keyTyped that you typed a capital A, and keyPressed will just get the "a" key, without capital or lowercase designations. You cannot call event.getKeyChar() from keyPressed, because there is no key char associated with the events. Characters only come from keyTyped.

The basic idea is that keyTyped is used to find characters that are typed, and keyPressed is used for obtain raw key presses.

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